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sorry for the delay. i was all set to upload this episode nearly 2 weeks ago, but the laptop decided to take a nose dive. we hadn’t backed up any of our data, so i was a bit freaked out, since there were 4 episodes that have already been recorded, but not processed and uploaded. luckily it was only a logic board, and the hard drive was unscathed. *exhales* we purchased an external hard drive, so if anything happens again between recording date and upload date, all will be hunky-dory.  (details and a picture if you’re interested)

here is a link to the ingredient lists of each soymilk at the time of recording.  (we’re missing 2, so we’ll try our hardest to get that list up ASAP)

and here is a link to the call for brands for the eventual 2nd episode of soymilk.  if you know of a brand that hasn’t been mentioned, please leave a comment and let us know.

Pile o' Soymilks (and this isn't even all of them.)

Pile o' Soymilks (and this isn't even all of them.)

Episode 01 – Soymilks (plain and vanilla).m4a (let me know if you’ll need this in MP3 format, and i’ll upload a few of those at a time.)

here’s a selected portion of the transcript and some extra information. (more…)


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Hey folks.  here is the call for brands post for the future episode of plain and vanilla soymilks.  We will be pitting the winners of the first episode against the brands that we hadn’t tasted yet.

Winners which will go on to the next round:

vitasoy unsweetened organic
365 original (WholeFoods)
Wild Harvest (Supervalu: Acme, Albertson’s, Shaws, etc.)
(and possibly vitasoy lite plus plain depending on the overall quantity of the other brands acquired, since that one had gotten some positive feedback.)
silk refrigerated very vanilla
wegmans vanilla

New brands which will be tasted:

ZenSoy, Organic Valley, Pacific, Pearl, Wildwood, Brighton Falls, Mogami

International brands?  (it’s a possibility)

Natura (CA), So Good (NZ),

Generics/store brands (we might split these taste-tests up, since there are so many grocery stores.):

Shoprite’s brand, Nature’s Promise (Giant/Stop n Shop) Archer Farms (Target) Nature’s Place (Hannaford, Sweetbay, Kash & Karry)  O Organics (Safeway stores) Great Value (Walmart) Nature’s Basket (Giant Eagle) …etc.

(please suggest brands if you know of any that aren’t listed here.  Particularly the national brands.)

Losers which will not go on:


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