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Vegan Review Podcast

Hello there.  I am a blog.

I am a blog that will accompany a podcast that will have a few Philadelphia-area friends getting together to taste test vegan products.

What we have on the horizon at the moment is soymilk, oreo/hydrox type cookies and homegrown organic heirloom tomatoes from my own garden (and possibly with a few supplementary varieties from the farmers’ market.)

Each podcast will only be about one item category.  So yes, although milk and cookies do go together well,  tomatoes go with neither.  Not to fret!  They will be 3 completely separate podcasts.  YAY!!!  (however you still can’t keep us from dunking. we’re gonna do it no matter what)

This idea spawned from the post punk kitchen forums visit that link to see how it all went down.

*If you own/work for a company that offers vegan products, and would like to donate products for testing, please send an e-mail to donations @ veganreview.info and we can set up the details.  (I envision this testing to become relatively expensive.  Although at least it’s food, we would have been eating something anyway.   If one of us likes it, it won’t go to waste.  Surely.  Hopefully.)

**If you’re a listener/reader and would like to send us something that will fit in with our upcoming podcasts, and isn’t offered in the Philadelphia area, and are feeling generous, absolutely, we’d love to have it!  it’s always nice to taste things that are available elsewhere. (and it’ll also keep the podcast from being too local to Philly.)

If you have any tips or ideas, lay ’em on us.


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