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Companies which are generously donating their products to our cause:

European companies that won’t be able to make it to the podcast:

we may be recording on the 13th, so this is super short notice.

if you know of other brands not listed, please shout out.


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ok.  yogurt.  all kinds.  soy, rice, coconut.  have at it.

  • Silk
  • Trader Joe’s (do they still have this in their stores?  I know they rotate products in and out all the time)
  • NuLait nut milk yogurt  (won’t have product available for the podcast. they’re relocating their facility)
  • Ricera rice milk yogurt (they’re reformulating their recipe, but we’re still going to taste test the existing recipe anyway)

Companies that are generously donating to the episode:

Canadian/European Brands (not feasible for this episode):

  • So Nice, Kingland, Alpro, Provamel, Sojasun

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