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You can call in to leave feedback about past podcasts and also to provide your own experience with the products that will be featured in the upcoming episodes. When you call in, if you don’t want the voicemail to be shared/put on the podcast, indicate so. Otherwise, I will assume you want to share with the world.

upcoming episodes to talk about (try to keep each call to only one topic.):

  • yogurts
  • raw chocolate bars
  • cheez (probably only block cheez right now.  dips and sauces will probably be a different episode)
  • marshmallows
  • chickens

have fun with it!  :-)

Hello, and welcome back to Vegan Review.  This episode, number 5 is a field report of 4 high-end blenders performed by Donald Blum of allthatveganjazz.blogspot.com.  aka dsharp88 on the PPK forums.

I was hoping to put this episode out 5 months ago in late April before I went away to an internship, but timing just wasn’t on my side.  So here you go.  Better late than never.  I will try to process and upload the other two episodes that had been recorded 5 months ago this month, in honor of VeganMoFo (Vegan Month of Food)

Episode 05 – Blenders.m4a

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Welcome back to Vegan Review.  In this, our 4th episode, we are tasting coconut-based ice creams.

04 – Coconut Based Ice Creams.M4a

Before we start, I would like to take a moment to extend our thanks to So Delicious (otherwise known as Soy Delicious.  They’ll never lose that moniker.  It’s like calling Whole Foods Market “Fresh Fields” or for example, around Philly, you’ll hear tons of people calling the ATMs “MAC Machines,” even though they’re all now owned by STAR. It just sounds better, and it’s what we basically grew up knowing you by.)  They gave us 2 coupons for free pints to buy at any of our local stores.

We would also like to thank Luna and Larry’s for donating 3 pints of Coconut Bliss, and finally, Maggie Mudd who had gone above and beyond, and sent us 5 pints.  Goodness gracious!  Thank you from the bottom of our bellies.

not all of these were for the podcast, of course.

not all of these were for the podcast, of course.

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Companies which are generously donating their products to our cause:

European companies that won’t be able to make it to the podcast:

we may be recording on the 13th, so this is super short notice.

if you know of other brands not listed, please shout out.

ok.  yogurt.  all kinds.  soy, rice, coconut.  have at it.

  • Silk
  • Trader Joe’s (do they still have this in their stores?  I know they rotate products in and out all the time)
  • NuLait nut milk yogurt  (won’t have product available for the podcast. they’re relocating their facility)
  • Ricera rice milk yogurt (they’re reformulating their recipe, but we’re still going to taste test the existing recipe anyway)

Companies that are generously donating to the episode:

Canadian/European Brands (not feasible for this episode):

  • So Nice, Kingland, Alpro, Provamel, Sojasun

This episode is going to be a little bit different than the previous episodes.  We had switched from cold reviewing the items on demand to sitting down, tasting all on our own times, going back and re-tasting for better comparison and then after all the notes had been taken, we reviewed each individually.  This method works much better, because the reviews can now be more in-depth, and the earlier items have comparisons.  I’ve decided to leave in the initial tasting part where we’re all talking over one another.  At times it gets confusing, and you might not be sure which cookie is being talked about, but most of the time it’s clear which is which.  If the chatter gets to be too much for you to handle, feel free to fast forward to [23:20] to get straight to the point.

Episode 03 – Sandwich Cookies (traditional).m4a

cookies from the 1st recording session

cookies from the 1st recording session

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Call for Brands for the upcoming recording of flavored sandwich cookies (flavors other than the traditional chocolate cookie/vanilla filling)

Not vegan: (at the time of recording. remember companies are reformulating all the time. so keep checking those packages)

  • OREO fudge mint has whey (and partially hydrogenated oils)
  • Back to Nature covered mint has whey :-(
  • Nature’s Promise (going by memory, but i think it was whey)
  • Snackwell’s (contains milk, whey, glycerides, DATEM and a host of other potentially non-vegan ingredients)
  • E.L. Fudge (egg, whey, undisclosed flavors, palm kernel oil)
  • Cameo (whey)
  • Famous Amos: vanilla, peanut butter, oatmeal macaroon (natural/artificial flavors – confirmed non-vegan by Kelloggs)
  • Vienna Fingers (natural/artificial flavor) (They said their Vitamin D is a mix of D2 and D3.  Parent company is Kashi.)
  • New Morning Graham-wiches chocolate/peanut butter, honey graham/vanilla  (honey)

Needs Investigation:

  • Trader Joe’s Joe-Joe’s – dark chocolate covered? vanilla cookie and creme? none of the joe-joes are listed on their vegan PDF, but that might be an oversight. they are on the vegetarian PDF (html version here) Also available seasonally are the candy-cane joe-joes. and I think we might have a benefactor that had hoarded us a box from this past winter. *fingers crossed that the waiting wasn’t too unbareable for her* haha!
  • Wild Harvest Organics vanilla sandwich. (ingredients aren’t on the web) (contacted)
  • Supervalu’s Shopper’s Value
  • Giant’s brand Twisto’s (their website only indicates traditional flavors, but you’d never know)
  • Wegman’s mint, chocolate with chocolate creme (artificial flavors)

gosh. my stomach is yelling at me just looking at the list.

shout out if you know of a brand that isn’t here. (you can also send a tweet @veganreview)