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We now have voicemail!!

(707) YUM-TOFU (986-8638)

make sure to leave your name/username and town.

You can call in to leave feedback about past podcasts and also to provide your own experience with the products that will be featured in the upcoming episodes. When you call in, if you don’t want the voicemail to be shared/put on the podcast, indicate so. Otherwise, I will assume you want to share with the world.

upcoming episodes to talk about (try to keep each call to only one topic.):

  • yogurts
  • raw chocolate bars
  • cheez (probably only block cheez right now.  dips and sauces will probably be a different episode)
  • marshmallows
  • chickens

have fun with it!  :-)


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Hello, and welcome back to Vegan Review.  This episode, number 5 is a field report of 4 high-end blenders performed by Donald Blum of allthatveganjazz.blogspot.com.  aka dsharp88 on the PPK forums.

I was hoping to put this episode out 5 months ago in late April before I went away to an internship, but timing just wasn’t on my side.  So here you go.  Better late than never.  I will try to process and upload the other two episodes that had been recorded 5 months ago this month, in honor of VeganMoFo (Vegan Month of Food)

Episode 05 – Blenders.m4a


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