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Call for Brands for the upcoming recording of flavored sandwich cookies (flavors other than the traditional chocolate cookie/vanilla filling)

Not vegan: (at the time of recording. remember companies are reformulating all the time. so keep checking those packages)

  • OREO fudge mint has whey (and partially hydrogenated oils)
  • Back to Nature covered mint has whey :-(
  • Nature’s Promise (going by memory, but i think it was whey)
  • Snackwell’s (contains milk, whey, glycerides, DATEM and a host of other potentially non-vegan ingredients)
  • E.L. Fudge (egg, whey, undisclosed flavors, palm kernel oil)
  • Cameo (whey)
  • Famous Amos: vanilla, peanut butter, oatmeal macaroon (natural/artificial flavors – confirmed non-vegan by Kelloggs)
  • Vienna Fingers (natural/artificial flavor) (They said their Vitamin D is a mix of D2 and D3.¬† Parent company is Kashi.)
  • New Morning Graham-wiches chocolate/peanut butter, honey graham/vanilla¬† (honey)

Needs Investigation:

  • Trader Joe’s Joe-Joe’s – dark chocolate covered? vanilla cookie and creme? none of the joe-joes are listed on their vegan PDF, but that might be an oversight. they are on the vegetarian PDF (html version here) Also available seasonally are the candy-cane joe-joes. and I think we might have a benefactor that had hoarded us a box from this past winter. *fingers crossed that the waiting wasn’t too unbareable for her* haha!
  • Wild Harvest Organics vanilla sandwich. (ingredients aren’t on the web) (contacted)
  • Supervalu’s Shopper’s Value
  • Giant’s brand Twisto’s (their website only indicates traditional flavors, but you’d never know)
  • Wegman’s mint, chocolate with chocolate creme (artificial flavors)

gosh. my stomach is yelling at me just looking at the list.

shout out if you know of a brand that isn’t here. (you can also send a tweet @veganreview)


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