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sorry for the delay. i was all set to upload this episode nearly 2 weeks ago, but the laptop decided to take a nose dive. we hadn’t backed up any of our data, so i was a bit freaked out, since there were 4 episodes that have already been recorded, but not processed and uploaded. luckily it was only a logic board, and the hard drive was unscathed. *exhales* we purchased an external hard drive, so if anything happens again between recording date and upload date, all will be hunky-dory.  (details and a picture if you’re interested)

here is a link to the ingredient lists of each soymilk at the time of recording.  (we’re missing 2, so we’ll try our hardest to get that list up ASAP)

and here is a link to the call for brands for the eventual 2nd episode of soymilk.  if you know of a brand that hasn’t been mentioned, please leave a comment and let us know.

Pile o' Soymilks (and this isn't even all of them.)

Pile o' Soymilks (and this isn't even all of them.)

Episode 01 – Soymilks (plain and vanilla).m4a (let me know if you’ll need this in MP3 format, and i’ll upload a few of those at a time.)

here’s a selected portion of the transcript and some extra information. (more…)


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